Giveaway ANBU.TV #1 Giveaway
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I would like to announce our community giveaway with the help of @SixxtySixx a fellow streamer. This will be one of our many giveaways.
This community was started with the goal of creating some memories with friends and games all day! Keep in mind this is our first giveaway so stay tuned to this thread for any changes that might happen!

Below are some of the details regarding the giveaway. In order to qualify...
Official ANBU.TV Discord Server
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Earlier in the month @ViperX-9 and I setup a Discord server for us! However, I've actually been working on integrating an official Discord server for us; one that hooks in directly with our user database. It is now available here:

This Discord server is integrated directly with ANBU.TV What does this mean? This means, if you wish, you can log into ANBU.TV using your Discord account (after you've linked your...


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:jnice:Everyone we are announcing our GTAV RP Server. This ill be a stock server with 13 Jobs This is our test server that will transition into a full server once all the bugs in the scrips have been worked out but for now you guys can join it :kool: You can be a cop and stop other players from robbing the stores put them in jail run their plates and IDS ETC. Or you can just be a criminal. Or simply a CAB Driver LMAO. I will be doing more servers in the future.

Other Frames Of Home
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Our current fellow @SixxtySixx has been working on a donation campaign check the info below and make sure to head down over and make a donation if possible.
His Twitch Channel GO HERE!(y) Check out his stream he streams daily.


Frames of Hope. Valheim 24/7 Server
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We have a dedicated Valheim server that is currently running 24/7 If you guys are interested in participating feel free to join the server.
ANBU VALHEIM Official Server..