Valheim Patch 0.216.6 (Public Test)


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Some additional fixes to the current Public Test Branch patch! We have fixed all the known issues from before, but please do report any new issues you come across.

Finally we’re able to release this patch to Xbox as well, complete with all the changes that were added in 0.216.5.

Like last time, this patch makes your saves significantly less backwards compatible than other patches, so make sure you really do make extra backups this time. As always, we will do our best so that you will be able to continue with your save files when this goes live, but there is always a risk that you might have to restore your backups when playing on the public test.

Should this patch not be problem free, we will roll it back for the time being, and return to it at a later date. Therefore it is extra important that you make your backups this time.

* Animation & attack issues when at low framerate fixed
* Exp gain/loss correct again
* Duplicate world/character name fix and file handling fixes
* Memory leak fixed
* Minimap text input fix for certain Asian languages