Rock Solid "Best Update to date"

Meet the new season ‘Rock Solid’ and a new champion Katrina

20 APRIL 2021

Welcome to the new season and the ‘Rock Solid’ major update in CRSED: F.O.A.D.!
We have already talked about new traps, abilities, artifacts, and cosmetics as well as the crossbow. Time to reveal the final secrets!
Katrina Matadi and her ability ‘Bastion’

Katrina Matadi was born in 1992 in the city of Kolwezi, DR Congo. An orphan, she made a living mining cobalt ore in the mines that belonged to the Flammgold Corporation.
At the beginning of 2000, her ability to discover rare minerals caught the interest of Flammgold's geological exploration specialists. Growing into an adult, Katrina continued to work for Flammgold, now officially, going around the world in search of valuable resources. She has also begun to secretly gather documents, photographs, call recordings, and other kinds of evidence about Flemmgold's crimes in using child labor and discriminating mine workers in order to pass them to journalists and publish the information to the web.
The corporation's security intelligence discovered her activities and her plan failed. Added to a wanted list as a member of an eco-terrorist movement named PEASS, Katrina received a letter from her former mentor, from whom she found out about F.O.A.D., and now she hopes to destroy the corporation and protect her countrymen with their help.
A special bond with rocks allows Katrina to use her ability ‘Bastion’. She creates a stone shield around herself that blocks bullets, melee weapons and reduces damage from explosions for the next 25 seconds. Her head will still remain exposed and she loses some mobility. Katrina can also scatter stone armor around and push back players, grenades, and other objects.

The option to protect herself from enemy fire and attacks from all around, as well as to push them back - can help a lot while fighting other champions. Including countering Viper’s sudden flank attacks, chasing Clyde, or even fire barrage from Louis zombie guards.
CRSED: F.O.A.D. - Street Kid Pack
CRSED: F.O.A.D. - Street Kid Pack

This pack includes:
  • "Katrina" hero unlock;
  • "Casual" outfit;
  • "Aviator" sunglasses;
  • 700 Crowns.

Clyde’s Rodeo

Clyde Mullican continued his studies and now he can not only summon his dark Beast part but also steady himself enough to give a ride to his friends while hopping around. Any teammate can jump on his back to benefit from the high speed of a Beast running, while still being able to shoot weapons - just like while riding in a vehicle.

Hold on fast, it’s a bumpy ride!
Special POI loot
Island Siberia has a number of points of interest. From now on, some of those POI will feature special guaranteed rich loot. So, it is time to go sightseeing! Don’t forget to check out the rocket launch site. And we don't exclude the possibility that similar POI-based loot will come to other maps in the future.
As for the loot, on all the maps all anti-materiel and rocket weapons are now lootable only from orbital drops. To compensate, all SMGs except the PPSH now have extra magazines close to them.
All changes and fixes
  • New outfits for Katrina: Casual outfit, Fitted dress, and Default.
  • Clyde Mullican. Added the ability for teammates to ride Clyde while he is in Beast mode. Any teammate riding Clyde will be able to shoot weapons in the same way as riding a vehicle.
  • Added new outfit for Itz Ocelotl - Stone man, as one of the Battle Pass prizes.
  • Added 2 levels of progress for Ocelotl, allowing the opening of the Speed ability III and the Ancient spirit of a time-eater.
Traps and abilities
  • Reaper — can be summoned by using trap, scroll, or hex bag. Attacks all players he finds. Can fly through solid objects. Deals 7 hp damage, but can also be damaged by weapons.
  • Firework — can be used as a trap or a scroll. Launches fireworks in the sky, helping to discover enemies.
  • Flash ability — same as a flash grenade. Blinds everyone around, but has little effect on the ability user.
Weapons and artifacts
  • Crossbow — you can find it in regular loot or win in the slot machine. Has an integrated 4.5x scope and deals a whopping 25 hp damage at 10 meters distance. Loses 50% damage power at 100 meters and 90% damage power at 300 meters. The T3 helmet can save you from being one-shot killed from 80 meters and beyond.
  • New Sonar artifact — beeps if the enemy is near. The closer an enemy is - the more intense the sound. Works at 50 meters. You can hear an enemy Sonar as well, the same as a Sonar lying on the ground.
  • Now you can drop a 1-round reloading cycle on bolt-action rifles without shooting. But in order to target and shoot you need to wait for the bolt closing animation.
  • Added individual setting for entering aim-mode for different weapon types.
  • :pepehands:Spirit of Polar explorer — lowers freezing speed during Blizzard ritual by 25/50/80%. Highlights enemies who still have above a 70% body heat count at 20/40/100 meters
  • Spirit of the Hamster — increases the base amount for the inventory by 15/30%.
  • Improved loot preference logic. Mostly useful items are picked up first.
  • Some POI on Island Siberia map now will feature improved loot, like jetpacks, large bags, high-damage automatic weapons, etc.
  • Now all SMGs apart from PPSH have 1 extra magazine in loot.
  • All anti-tank and anti-materiel weapons can now be found only in orbital fridges.
  • Each map will have at least 2-4 flare guns in regular loot.
  • Now, one scope will be considered as useful loot even if you currently have no weapon to attach it to.
Other improvements
  • Improved object climbing. Now you will not fall back down, but go up as intended.
  • Improved reflections in puddles.
  • Change in initial Zone setting for Siberia and Mexico maps. Circles will cover the map more evenly, allowing players to explore the whole territory and POI as they play different battles.
  • Changed movement formula. Now acceleration is non-linear.
  • The hint regarding champion freezing will always be on the screen during Blizzard.
  • Now you are not allowed to enter any vehicle moving more than 20 km/h.
  • Looted modifications will be automatically attached to suitable guns.
  • Now you can start eating or reviving downed teammates during the reloading cycle. Reloading will be canceled by such an action.
  • Now you can release the grip on a ladder by pressing the jump button.
  • Now you can reload and change weapons while sprinting.
  • Removed healing hint when the ability is blocked.
  • Upstairs movement speed increased by 20%.
  • Improved control response when sprinting, aiming, or changing posture. The game will automatically decide what cycle to break when receiving a new control command.
  • Improved hair render. More details will be visible now.
  • Improved movement physics. Champions will not detach from surfaces while running.
  • Blizzard: balance update:
    • Decreased food efficiency. Now all food warms 3 points less (Except large plates).
    • Reduced revive time from 15 to 7.5 seconds while in freeze.
  • Increased FOV range setting added.
  • Reduced noise in reflections when the improved reflections option is enabled.
  • Increased landscape renders speed on PS5.
  • Fixed Jetpack firing while running fast on rough surfaces.
  • Fixed champion glitching while rotating in one place.
  • Fixed slipping while climbing obstacles.
  • Fixed bug in the settings menu when you could change slider value while scrolling the menu with a mouse wheel.
  • Removed gamma correction settings for platforms not supporting it.
  • Adjusted internal rendering resolution on PlayStation 5 for better performance.
The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions, and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. CRSED is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.
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