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Get ready for an all out Urban Assault, legends. Three Strikes returns alongside an all-new asynchronous in-game tournament system: Apex Rumble. Bring your competitive spirit, earn points, and climb the leaderboards for glory and rewards! Take on challenges and progress through a crisp Reward Tracker to unlock new event badges and earn additional rewards. Storm the streets in 24 limited-time event cosmetics—and unlock ‘em all before the event ends to receive Octane’s Prestige Skin “Apex Riptide!”

And one more thing—the entire Urban Assault Collection Event has a 1.5x boost for Prestige Skin Challenges. There’s no better time to grind.


Three Strikes is back with a vengeance and updates from our mid-season patch:

  • Revive time reduced to 2.0s
  • Players revived with 100% health and 0% shields
  • New minimum guaranteed loot system - ensures you respawn with a competitive version of your loadout and inventory
Been busy ratting and haven’t tried Three Strikes yet? This LTM features faster revives, invincibility when downed, and three shots at being the last squad standing. Players will only be eliminated when the entire squad is wiped, then you’ll lose a strike and respawn one POI away with all of the gear that was equipped at the time your squad was wiped, including:

  • Armor and EVO progression
  • Weapons and attachments (except for mythic weapons)
  • Ammo, ordinance, and consumables

Think you’ve got what it takes to be at the top? Welcome to the Apex Rumble Beta—the beginning of an exciting new way to compete that we hope to evolve with your feedback. This all-new asynchronous tournament system allows you to test your skills against your competition while earning points to climb the leaderboards against similarly skilled competitors. Points are awarded for your placement, kills, assists, and damage. Once an Apex Rumble has concluded, rewards will be delivered based on your overall placement.

Apex Rumble kicks off with the Urban Assault Rumble, where you’ll jump into Three Strikes matches. There are no pre-made squads here—just you, your skills, and a ton of flying bullets. Should you choose to, re-enter the fray with Legend Tokens to reset your score and charge back into battle.

It’s a whole new way to play, so get ready to rumble, legend. Keep an eye on Apex Legends™ social channels for kick-off dates.


Unlock 24 street-smart limited-time cosmetics, with Legendary skins for Wraith, Loba, and more!

All 24 items will be available in exchange for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals and in Urban Assault Event Apex Packs† for the entire duration of the event.

Unlock them all before the event ends and you’ll automatically receive Octane’s Prestige Skin, “Apex Riptide,” along with the matching Skydive Trail and Finisher.


Earn up to 1,400 points per day to work towards various rewards along the Urban Assault tracker. Challenges refresh daily, and all challenges also stack with the Battle Pass allowing you to complete multiple challenges at once.

Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab including the “Suburban Ranger” bundle and check out the weekly offers like the “Hothead” Bundle available April 27-30, 2024, or the “Search and Destroy” Bundle available May 4-7, 2024.