Get to know the city in the clouds before you ascend in Season 7.

Hi! I’m Dave Osei, Senior Level Designer on Apex Legends. Join me as we tour the newest map coming to Season 7, Olympus.

Olympus is the third map coming to Apex Legends and is a floating city high above the planet Psamathe. This new location boasts lush, artificial terrain with stylised landscapes for those that appreciate opulent decor. Gone are the tall, cliffside rocks from Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Instead, you’ll find perilous open space that showcases the clouds below. Olympus comes with two new ways to traverse the map: the Phase Runner and the Trident, Apex Legends’ first vehicle.

The Trident is a squad-based, three-seater hover vehicle you can find on the outskirts of Olympus. These were made for large rotations throughout the map, especially in the early game. The Trident comes equipped with a boost feature that for a short time, can increase speed and help you get over obstacles. Try timing your boost with the jump ramps throughout for some serious air time!

These hover vehicles are designed for rotations and not combat, so you will not be able to run over and hurt players. If you choose to use this in combat, there are multiple options for other players to counter this. Arc Stars or Wattson’s fences, for instance, can stall the vehicle for a moment, giving their team time to punish. Since we’re a character-based game, we also wanted the Trident to feel like an extension of the player. For example, you can place certain tacticals onto the Trident itself (front or back). Want to place two Caustic gas barrels on the Trident? Go ahead! Mix and match specific tacticals depending on your playstyle. My favorite tactic is placing Rampart’s Sheila minigun on the back. It’s amazing - trust me.
It’s also worth mentioning that if you accidentally drive the Trident off the map, don’t worry! We have a safety net in place that will launch all players into the sky so you can safely land back onto Olympus. The Trident does not respawn, so please be careful!

Last but certainly not least is the Phase Runner; an industrial sized phase portal connecting three distinct areas of Olympus. This always-on, static portal will phase players to and from specific locations. If the ring is pushing you towards Hydroponics, and you’re stuck with no Trident in sight, hop into the Phase Runner to phase you to the other side of the map. However, be cautious when using these, as you have no clue what’s waiting for you on the other side. Players who are near these will see and hear a warning before other players come out. So be sure to always prepare for combat when using the Phase Runner!
Velvet Oasis
Twin luxurious apartments that offer mid to long range engagements across its sleek landscape.

Velvet Oasis is unique due to the choice to fight above ground or below, where the luxurious Oasis Cafe can be found.
Since most of the loot is focused inside, expect fights to break out between the buildings.
When below, the aquatic themed cafe can be found with higher tier loot. However, be careful as there are plenty of pitfalls and the only way topside is via ziplines.
Arcadia Supercarrier
A massive vessel last seen leaving the planet Talos. It assisted Olympus with transportation of arms, vehicles, scientific equipment and personnel

Players who enjoy close quarters combat will excel in breaching and defending this large POI. Defensive legends like Rampart, Wattson and Caustic will shine here as this can also act as a choke for players leaving to and from Docks.
An open, industrial pier where ships can refuel and cargo is transferred to and from Olympus. The mountain facade helps hide the dirty work that goes on here from those who wish to not see it.

Long range combat dominates this area. Expect to see snipers perched on the many elevations looking for enemies rotating from Arcadia Supercarrier or Power Grid. With such a large zone, vehicles prove invaluable in rotating through this area.
Primary Power Grid
To power such a large attraction takes a big effort. Power Grid is split into two halves: Primary and Secondary.

Primary is the focus where most of the loot resides while Secondary, a smaller area, serves as a safer place to land away from the chaos. These two spaces are dense. Full of alleyways, chokes and multi-tiered buildings. The bridges between the two provide breathing room if you wish to engage from a longer distance. Otherwise, bring a shotgun ...or two.
Rift Aftermath
A massive explosion took place where the phase runner entrance used to be, splitting the zone apart. The resulting unstable rift floats within the zone’s center.

What remains in Rift Aftermath are three distinct loot dense areas separated by open space and debris. You can enter the rift within the center at any time to phase back through the Phase Runner and arrive near Hammond Labs.
This is the largest POI in Olympus, so be certain there are no squads nearby before making a run toward the rift. The Trident once again proves to be very useful rotating though this open area.
Central Turbine
Within the mountain facade lies this imposing circular location that houses spinning fans above and below.

While loot is plentiful, this POI can be accessed from many directions at once, making this a tough nexus to defend. Keep your eyes open and your ears sharp as players will need to move through here to access most areas on Olympus.
Autumn Estates
Far from the greasy, industrial clutter lies this idyllic property where those needing rest and relaxation can escape to. Residential housing for the wealthy are evenly distributed on golden brown plots of land.

As one of the smallest POI, this dense neighborhood boasts a mix of all kinds of intense combat. Those looking for CQC will be on ground, weaving in and out of each residential building, but watch out for those holding the stacked buildings in the middle. Expect to find King of the Hill style gameplay, as many of you will want to hold the high center ground and establish control of the chaos below. Find a weapon fast or be on your way out to either Farmstead or Hammond Labs.
Hammond Labs
A stylistic, pristine building that sits in the center of a large open landscape. Waterfalls crest the peak of the overwatch where the Research Basin resides. Enter cautiously to find out what Hammond was researching within.

No where is truly safe as high overlooks focus inward toward the main central lab. This is a sniper’s paradise.
When inside, close quarters combat and plenty of loot await. Just be sure you’re ready when leaving, as there is very little keeping you safe from onlookers outside. With multiple ways for teams to rotate into here, this can end up being a huge hotspot for multi team fights. Try holding the high ground, defend the interior of the central lab or rotate through to other zones. It won’t be easy.
Energy Depot
Slick, clean, with function over form. This industrial housing stores and charges hundreds of batteries that are then used to power many of the assets seen throughout Olympus.

Maintenance tunnels run underneath this top layer giving access to frightening views of the clouds below. Watch your step, as there are plenty of pitfalls surrounding this open structure. Awareness is key. Make sure you plan your route through here carefully or suffer the consequences.

Fastened next to this depot is the Underpass below the partially destroyed Phase Runner. These long, narrow choke points will lead you to the opulent Golden Gardens.
Golden Gardens
Retreat and experience privacy amongst multiple living spaces within this rich, luxurious environment.

Golden Gardens offers layered gameplay, with buildings stacked on top of one another for unique, tactical combat. Many of these buildings have no doors but open entrances, so combat moves fast. Expect mid to long range skirmishes between each compound, with close quarters dominating the interconnected tunnels.
Grow Towers
Slowly rotating sniper perches of doom. Times three. These ornate structures overlook a large agricultural landscape below.

While moving up high gives you an advantage, the rotation of these structures poses a new challenge. You’ll want to stand back far enough to avoid spinning, or risk missing your shots. Down below lies a small underbelly with multiple utility buildings if you’re scared of heights. However, expect close-quarters combat here as opposed to long range up above. These imposing structures overlook a few choke points, so expect to be seen from afar when within their sight.
Orbital Cannon Test Site
Tucked far away from most of Olympus, surrounded by large, unbreachable walls lies this slick, military testing site. A large orbital cannon serves as the focal point for this zone; surrounded by an open air facility.

Orbital Cannon serves as a drop that is far from the center of Olympus, but dense with loot. There’s plenty of space for multiple squads to own sections of the facility and for others to hold the exterior two smaller labs. Fights break out throughout the facility's tight corridors, so watch your flanks and check every room for stragglers. If this ends up looking too hot off the drop, there are smaller compounds surrounding the outer walls and a few ways to traverse up the walls to breach those still inside if you choose to.
Solar Array
Olympus requires a lot of power, and this sector serves as one many to keep this gravity defying city afloat. This dense, solar-powered sector acts as both a chokepoint and POI.

We’ve finally made it to the southern side of the map! This smaller industrial area is just as dense as Power Grid but with the addition of new flank opportunities. The central building sits up high as a sniper’s ridge, surrounded below by a large pit with interconnected tunnels. The pit acts as a sneaky flanking route to offset the long range combat that occurs above ground. While snipers rule above, shotguns and SMG’s rule below, so think twice before using the tunnels.
This smaller POI is also situated as a pseudo choke. There are only a few exits, and all of them lead to open areas, so be sure to check up high and plan your route accordingly.
Bonsai Plaza
The crown jewel of Olympus. This spacious downtown is home to restaurants, cherry blossom gardens and the well known Reverie Lounge.

With stark verticality throughout, you’ll want to drop and try to hold the Reverie Lounge which looks over most of Bonsai Plaza. Those on the ground can look forward to intense mid to long range fights as each building can hold multiple squads, with plenty of loot to go around. There’s only one Trident on your way out, so be sure to plan accordingly when leaving or be met by the circle quickly.
Within these sprawling agricultural grounds, rounded top buildings and iconic silos are arranged throughout. The curved farmlands and algae green pools add to its uniqueness.

With a large number of high tier buildings and a wide open approach to design, multiple squads can be supported here. Long range fights are common so make sure your aim is on point or prepare to move. Decrepit tunnels can lead you safely to other parts of the POI without being seen, but you’ll have limited options if you’re caught. If this area proves to be too much, you can very easily rotate to our final POI in Olympus, Elysium.
Small, intimate and very close quarters; Elysium is a small POI focused on skirmishes.

This floating research vessel can only accommodate a few squads, so expect action very quickly. Those with snipers coming from Hydroponics, will probably want to carry a shotgun/SMG to deal with the aggressive rushers throughout. Elysium floats off the edge of Olympus, so only two ziplines can take you and your squad on top. Some Legends can be invaluable if you want more ways onboard to command the vessel for yourself.


Olympus houses many challenges and playstyles for a very different experience than you’re used to. The Phase Runner and Trident are exciting new tools to traverse to each zone. From the seedy underbelly of Energy Depot to the glistening Bonsai Plaza, Olympus will give you new experiences, new environments, and new ways to test your skills.
The city awaits… see you soon!